Dealer Reputation Management

In today's world, your customers’ expectations are higher than ever on the type of service they receive.

They want information, loyalty, trust, speed in transaction, and an overall enjoyable experience when dealing with your business.

They also feel empowered more now because they know they can jump out on to the Social Review platforms and make noise about you and your business.

That’s where DealerHosts can step in and help. We organize a multilevel approach where we proactively reach out for raving fans while addressing and adjusting bad reviews. Our platform scours the web for mentions and reviews and then allows us to deal with responses in the proper way and time. Our team will also monitor your direct competitors and keep an eye on their reviews. This insures that we are leveraging all the information we can.

Let DealerHosts manage your Internet Reputation as well as your Social Media Management. Our team is not only responsive, but proactive, so you can communicate with your customers where they want attention. Their stories and yours can be loud and clear."

We also have scoring and easy reporting on the results we are getting so we can get you moving in the right direction.

Would you stay at a 2 star reviewed hotel, or eat at a 1 star reviewed restaurant?

Do you look at reviews when you buy items like TV’s or appliances?

What makes you think that when deciding where to buy or service your car this wouldn’t be a factor?

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