Dealer Group Website

DealerHosts™ offers a custom solution for dealerships under one roof. If you are a dealer group that has 2, 5, or 20 or more automobile stores encompassing multiple manufacturers, we can help you bring them all under one platform. We can create signature sites that have a common design theme with variations required by the different manufacturers. Each site can have its own unique look and feel with common design elements that run through each of them branding the auto group. Of course all our sites are cross platform ready so they will display the same on all devices whether mobile or desktop. This is due in part to our forward thinking mobile web technology. There is no better solid lead generation tool than your own website.

Our backend tool is user friendly, simple and easy to use. From there, you can manage your inventory, upload ads and coupons, create custom pages and view and retrieve leads. You can view stats on your whole group or just on specific sites in real time so you can get up to the minute reports on how your internet traffic is doing. We can also integrate our toll free phone application into these sites so that you can get metrics and on how well your staff is converting.

On the administrative website management of the group, you can have as much control over content as you would like or you can have DealerHosts™ manage that for you. Our Technology Management Solution, Dealer TMS, is placed between you and your customers to enhance your communication and marketing capabilities. For those dealer groups that want a complete turnkey solution, our "We Do It For You" program will manage all of your technological needs by integrating product, your sales people, and targeted marketing in one package. A lot of monetary and human resources value there.

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