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Independent Used Car Dealers - you need a website that’s not a template. A website application that is simple to use, quick and easy. Automobile software where you as a dealer can buy a car, take a picture on your smartphone, input vehicle info and price and then get it on your site in real time. If you are at an auction, you can have those used vehicles on your site before they leave the auction. You might even have interested buyers before you get them back to your lot! DealerHosts™ has built DealerHome, a used car website application custom tailored to your needs. It can be flashy with all the bells and whistles or clean and straight forward or somewhere in between. No matter which kind you prefer, it will always be search engine optimized and sent out to a vast network of car portals for maximum exposure.

Everybody is on the go these days so we built our sites to use Mobile Web Technology which insures that the site displays on all platforms, whether you’re viewing on a smart phone, an iPad, tablet, or desktop. That way Google or Bing crawl only your one website, not your mobile and your desktop, thus giving you a higher ranking in searches. If you use pay-per-click search engine marketing, you only have to create one campaign instead of one for mobile and one for desktop. Money saved, money earned.

You can put ads on your site, place inventory on special, and add videos plus a whole lot more through our backend tools. Our real time analytics lets you see how your site is doing. You can retrieve your leads from anywhere you have internet access. If you really want to take advantage of our Technology Management Solution, integrate DealerHome with our Dealer TMS. Place Dealer TMS between you and the customer and you can target your marketing to specific users and enhance your marketing abilities. This powerful combination connects the consumer to your dealership.

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