Print Marketing

Need to send printed quarterly newsletters or birthday postcards or any kind of high end targeted marketing piece to your database? We have got a low cost alternate for you. Our products are custom designed and printed on excellent stock to brand and represent your dealership. You will be amazed that you can cover your customer base with this kind of quality at this kind of price.

Why spend money with outside vendors for letter sales and promotions, when you can do it with our system, with your own database, in-house. If you are one of our TMS users, you can design and print letters, newsletters, or brochures through our system. You can target specific customers with a marketing message that’s the right piece at the right time. Write a custom letter to send out to your customers and then select the people you'd like to mail it to. TMS will automatically format the letters for printing and ensure that each customer's address is placed correctly for use with 'windowed' envelopes! It can save time and money.

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