Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine optimization is a term used by anyone and everyone who says they know how to build websites or create content to make your site visible on the Search Engines. What we have found with many of these so called experts are wrong, old or outdated methods.

That's not hard to believe considering technology is changing extremely fast these days with Google, Bing and all the rest making changes daily. So keeping up is no easy task. Even for us. However, we constantly outperform your competitors in vital search terms in almost all of our head to head battles.

We also had and still have to this day some secret sauce we are cooking to make our optimization recipes still relevant and ahead of our competition. Our newest dealer website platform has many standard SEO pieces built in because we built our platform for this industry. We didn't go out and buy some cheap CMS system and just apply it to the automotive space. We also are not dependent on some open source website platform that again has plugins to make it Automobile friendly.

We are car people who have sold thousands of cars ourselves. It's been our pleasure to work with some of the greatest minds and experts in the Auto business. We watch current trends while working with many top dealer groups as training consultants and have developed a knack for being ahead of the curve in many cases.

Build the site for natural search engine friendliness and the search engines become your friends.

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