Thank you for your interest in DealerHosts! We are a progressive, cutting-edge leader in the automotive industry's technology sector, and we're always looking for qualified, motivated individuals to join our team.

Please see our list of openings below:

Graphic Designer
Job Description:

DealerHosts prides ourselves on delivering content that is professional, clean, and very high quality; it's what sets us apart from our competitors. As a Graphic Designer on our Development Team, you'd be responsible for such tasks as generating website mockups for review and implementation; creating digital and print advertising for our clients; organizing content from clients for use in digital and print collateral; building websites using standards compliant coding techniques; and working with the rest of the Development Team in various other tasks where good design is vital to the success of the project at hand.

Partnership Opportunities

DealerHosts, Inc is ready for growth nationwide and in several countries. Therefore we need qualified partnerships for many territories.

We offer our partnerships a complete suite of cutting edge automotive software, inventory management and sales training and consulting.

Our True Mobile platform of CRM, ILM, Websites and our We Do It For You Marketing and management is a perfect fit for partnerships to sell one of the best quality software systems in the automotive industry. If you have experience in the car business and a rolodex of Dealerships you could build a huge business for yourself very quickly.

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